Chi-Ching (Cliff) Liu retires after long service with GMAO


Photo of Cliff Liu Chi-Ching C Liu, or ‘Cliff’ to most, recently retired from the GMAO, where he was a valued member of the Systems Administration Team. Cliff was happy to be the silent workhorse behind the GMAO server support. GMAO's Webmaster, Jim Gass, says, "Cliff's focus on administering the servers, rather than desktop support, meant that most of the GMAO staff didn't have regular interactions with him. But, I relied on his help often for configuration and troubleshooting issues with the GMAO webserver. System administration support is essential for website managers. Cliff Liu was always responsive and helpful whenever I needed his help."

Cliff was dedicated and always enjoyed a worthy challenge, he was eager to investigate the root of a problem. Cliff liked to learn and move on, ensuring that whatever the issue at hand did not repeat. He is the unsung hero.

Outside of GMAO but within Goddard, Cliff was a member of the Goddard Tennis Club, where he was an 8-time winner of the Goddard Tennis Club Singles tournament which takes place each Spring and Autumn on Center. Cliff was a very quiet person by nature. Office mates and visitors would be hard pressed to tell if Cliff was at his desk. You didn’t want to look around the corner and risk startling him. Seeing a tennis racket by his desk was a sure sign Cliff was "In".

Former office mate, Tim Luniewski, says of Cliff, "His humor was dry, oftentimes undetected, which I believe Cliff enjoyed even more than the humorous exchange."

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