• Steven Pawson attends COP-21 in Paris, France (12.6-12.11.2015)
  • GMAO has a strong presence at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (12.14-12.18.2015)
  • Lesley Ott participates in NASA Carbon-Climate Seminar (11.13.2015)
  • GMAO Contributes to the SMAP Project: Level-4 products released (11.02.2015)
  • Welcoming Tom Clune to the GMAO (10.31.2015)
  • Steven Pawson, Dalia Kirschbaum and George Huffman discuss El Niño with the Baltimore Sun (10.30.2015)
  • Siegfried Schubert retires from NASA (10.29.2015)
  • NASA Feature Spotlights GMAO Researcher da Silva (10.13.2015)
  • GMAO Scientist Chosen to Receive 2016 AMS Hydrologic Sciences Medal (09.29.2015)
  • GMAO Chief Contributes to NASA Weather Focus Workshop Report (07.8.2015)


  • CO2 Global Transport Simulation from GEOS-5 Nature Run
  • Quantifying the observability of CO2 flux uncertainty in atmospheric CO2 records using products from NASA's Carbon Monitoring Flux Pilot Project
  • Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclones to Parameterized Convection in the GEOS-5 Model
  • Interannual Variation in Phytoplankton Primary Production at a Global Scale
  • High-resolution GEOS-5 simulations of stratospheric ozone intrusions
  • GEOS iODAS: Ocean Data Portal


  • GEOS-5 simulates Chelyabinsk meteor effects
  • GEOS-5 simulation featured in National Geographic
  • GMAO Contributes to Sea Ice Outlook
  • Upgrade to GEOS-5 Observation Impact Monitoring
  • GEOS-5 aerosol simulation in Science World
  • Arctic Boreal Zone Workshop report available


  • ICR4 Conference Report Available
  • GEOS-5 dust forecasts now part of WMO Warning System
  • Technical Memorandum on Atmospheric Reanalyses is now available
  • 4th World Climate Research Programme International Conference on Reanalyses (ICR4)
  • Summary material for potential ROSES collaborations
  • A new GEOS-5 Technical Memorandum is now available
  • GMAO adds two new products to its extensive suite of MERRA data


  • GMAO starts GEOS-5 real time data production at ¼ deg horizontal resolution
  • GEOS-5 Forecasting Support for HS3 Campaign
  • GEOS-5 Forecasting Support for DISCOVER-AQ
  • ROSES11-A40 - Potential collaborations

See GMAO news archive for 2004-2010.