NASA Field Campaigns Supported by GMAO

The GMAO provides real-time support to a number of NASA field campaigns each year. Forecasts and data assimilation products generated from the GEOS real-time production system, as well as web-based visuals, are made available to the campaign. Typically, these products and tools are used for flight planning and on-site and post-mission analysis of the field measurements.

To request GMAO support for a NASA field mission, please follow the instructions on this page.

2021 Campaigns Supported   [ Revisit this page for additions and updates ]
Campaign Name Support Timeframe GMAO Support page

Cloud-Aerosol-Rain Observatory
Apr 30, 2021–Oct 31, 2021 CAROb Portal

Caribbean Air-quality aLert and Management Assistance System - Public Health
May 31, 2021–Aug 30, 2021 Calima-PH Portal

Dynamics and Chemistry Of The Summer Stratosphere
Jun 09, 2021–Aug 23, 2021 DCOTSS Portal

Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project
Aug 01, 2021–Aug 21, 2021 ACCLIP Portal

Convective Processes Experiment — Aerosols & Winds
Aug 18, 2021–Sep 30, 2021 CPEX-AW Portal

Tracking Aerosol Convection Experiment – Air Quality
Aug 25, 2021–Oct 01, 2021 TRACER-AQ Portal

It should be noted that any GMAO support provided is on a best effort basis, as is any NCCS support required for product generation and delivery. We request that the campaigns provide feedback on the GMAO data quality and operational support. This feedback is critical to our ability to provide support to future field campaigns.