GMAO Data Products

GMAO generates and distributes a number of products that either make extensive use of NASA's satellite observations, provide support to satellite missions and field campaigns, or help with the planning for new missions. These products also support researchers funded by NASA and others. This page provides quick links to these products: more details are found on the thematic pages.

Product Brief Description Links
GEOS FP Analyses and forecasts produced in real time, using the most recent validated GEOS system GEOS NRT Product Information

GEOS FP Weather Analyses & Forecasts
GEOS FP-IT Analyses produced for Instrument Teams, using a stable version of GEOS Available by subscription only: please contact Rob Lucchesi (

GEOS NRT Product Information
GEOS-CF Composition fields using replayed meteorology and the GEOS-Chem chemical mechanism, with one daily five-day forecast GEOS NRT Product Information

GEOS-CF maps
GEOS-S2S Ocean analyses and nine-month atmosphere-ocean forecasts Seasonal-Decadal Analysis & Prediction Products
MERRA-2 A reanalysis of the period 1979 to the present, including aerosols MERRA-2 data archive at the GES-DISC

GMAO Reanalysis Products
7km-G5NR A "Nature Run" using a high-resolution version of GEOS, spanning two years and including aerosols and carbon gases 7km-G5NR data archive at the NCCS Data Portal
SMAP L4 Soil moisture and carbon fluxes produced as part of the SMAP mission GMAO SMAP Level 4 Products page

SMAP data at the NSIDC

All GMAO data products are experimental and are intended for use by NASA investigators and scientific researchers. To comply with NASA's Earth Science data distribution policy (, GEOS datasets are shared for use by the research and applications communities, private industry, academia, and the general public.

GMAO product generation uses HEC resources at Goddard Space Flight Center's NASA Center For Climate Simulation (NCCS). While we make every effort to maintain data continuity, GMAO is not an operational center and consequently has no back-up capabilities that ensure data production or distribution continues when the systems are down.