GMAO Takes the Stage at the Sciences and Exploration Directorate’s 13th Annual Poster Party


Ott discusses poster with visitors

For the past 13 years, the Sciences and Exploration Directorate (Code 600) at NASA GSFC has hosted an annual New Year’s Poster Party. GMAO members took the opportunity to showcase some of their recent work at this event, mainly by using posters prepared for the recent AGU and AMS annual meetings.

The poster party concluded with prizes in the following categories:

  • Piers Sellers Interdisciplinary Award
  • Best Poster Title
  • Best Science Story
  • Best Graphic Design
  • Best Science as Food

This year one of GMAO's own, Lesley Ott, won the Piers Sellers Interdisciplinary Award for her poster GEOS-Carb: A model-based framework for monitoring carbon from space. Director of the Earth Sciences Division Jim Irons stated, “Please join me in congratulating Lesley Ott for her selection as the recipient of the Piers J. Sellers award for the best interdisciplinary science poster. Her name will be added to the cricket bat that serves as the plaque for this award. It currently resides on a wall in Bldg. 34 and I may lobby to move it for at least this year to Bldg. 33 because … I believe that a Code 610 poster has been selected for this award for three years in a row and I believe two out of those three have come from GMAO; no brag, just fact.”

Other GMAO posters presented were:

Santha Akella: Diurnal Cycles in SST: Coupled DA and future observational requirements

Lauren Andrews: Moulin evolution on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Nikolay Balashov: Novel Application of NASA's GEOS-CF Forecasting System to ACT-America Airborne Campaign

Anna Borovikov: Designing an optimal ensemble strategy for GMAO S2S forecast system

Michael Bosilovich: El Niño Related Tropical Land Surface Water and Energy Response in MERRA-2

Abhishek Chatterjee: OSSE initiative to inform future GHG monitoring strategies in the Arctic

Allison Collow: Large Scale Influences on Atmospheric River Induced Extreme Precipitation Events along the Coast of Washington State

Lawrence Coy: Seasonal Forecasting of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation

Richard Cullather: Arctic Cloud Radiative Forcing in Contemporary Atmospheric Reanalyses

Young-Kwon Lim: The winter El Niño precipitation response over North America in GEOS model: Why is January more difficult to predict?

Aishwarya Raman: Global modeling of whitecaps

Brad Weir: Progress in atmospheric carbon monitoring using NASA’s GEOS model and data from the OCO and GOSAT missions

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