GMAO Scientist Discusses the Acceleration of Pollution Forecasts


GMAO’s Christoph Keller took part in a talk at a recent NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Washington DC, which is discussed in a recent online article. According to Keller, air quality is a vastly underestimated problem. NASA researchers are developing machine learning models that help improve existing models. “NASA’s global models quickly produce terabytes of data, and what we’d like to do is train the machine learning model on these huge datasets,” said Keller. “That’s where we quickly reached limitations with normal software and hardware...”

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frame from SVS video

Still from SVS animation

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) has released an animation showing atmospheric ozone concentration at the surface of Earth, as represented by the GEOS composition forecast system (GEOS-CF) for the time period July 22—August 10 2019:

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