GEOS Premiers on the NASA Earth Observatory


Graphic from NASA's Earch Observatory

Recent Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP) model outputs are being highlighted for the first time on NASA's Earth Observatory, featured in the story “Just Another Day on Aerosol Earth.” Writer Adam Voiland explains “[On August 23, 2018] huge plumes of smoke drifted over North America and Africa, three different tropical cyclones churned in the Pacific Ocean, and large clouds of dust blew over deserts in Africa and Asia.” As described in the article, the GEOS FP offers an expansive view of the many particles that swirl through the atmosphere. The GEOS FP model, like all weather and climate models, used mathematical equations that represent physical processes to calculate what was happening in the atmosphere.

Featured along with the article are two model visualizations. View the article on the NASA Earth Observatory site and learn more about GEOS FP.

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