GMAO Young Scientists Present Their Work


A number of GMAO lab members participated in the Annual SED Young Scientist Forum, held at GSFC, October 30. Manuela Girotto and Lauren Andrews served on the organizing committee and were session co-chairs for the Natural Hazards session. During oral sessions, Allison Callow presented ‘Classification of Meteorological Influences Surrounding Extreme Precipitation Events in the United States using MERRA-2 Reanalysis’ Christoph Keller presented, ‘Improved air quality forecasting using NASA GEOS-5 multispecies data assimilation system of tropospheric constituents’ and K. Emma Knowland presented, ‘Air pollution forecasts using NASA GEOS model: A unified tool from local to global scales’.

GMAO poster presentations included ‘Impact of a regional drought on terrestrial carbon fluxes and atmospheric carbon: results from a coupled carbon cycle model’ by Eunjee Lee, ‘Cities in the Dark: Mapping Human-induced Carbon Dioxide Emissions using Observations from Space’, by Tomohiro Oda, ‘Subglacial efficiency and storage modified by the temporal patter of high-elevation meltwater input’ by Lauren Andrews, and ‘Prediction and predictability of the Madden Julian Oscillation in the NASA GEOS-5 seasonal-to-subseasonal system’ by Deepthi Anchuthavarier

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