GMAO Makes a Super Impact at Supercomputing Conference 2017


GMAO participants

SC17, Supercomputing Conference 2017, brought together members of the international high-performance computing (HPC) community, consisting of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators, and developers, for a technical program, tutorials, and poster sessions. NASA folks at SC17 The SC17 Exhibition Hall featured leading vendors in the latest technologies and accomplishments from around the world, including contributions from research organizations and universities. Along with conferences such as SC17, HPC allows us to analyze mountains of data for use in understanding out universe, climate, health, and other factors in many research areas.

NASA’s exhibit booth maintained a strong presence in the exhibit hall, partly through the contributions of GMAO staff who performed demonstrations and gave Hyperwall presentations. From snowflake formations to aerosol simulations, attendees were surely enticed by the diversity and complexity of topics all relating to high-performance computing. Exhibitors in attendance from the GMAO were Dr. Thomas Clune, Dr. William Putman, Brent Smith and Amidu Oloso. Their presentations were in the “Our Planet” and “Supercomputing” sections of the meeting.

Our Planet

A Glimpse at the Future of Global Weather Prediction and Analysis at NASA
   William Putman ( )
Putman presenting

Simulating the Growth of Poly-Crystal Snowflakes
   Thomas Clune ( )
Clune at hyperwall

Super Computing

GMAO GEOS Data in Motion
   Edmond Smith ( )
Smith presenting

Understanding the Scalability and Computational Performance of GEOS
   Amidu Oloso ( )

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