GMAO at AGU: a Little Hard Work leads to Big Easy Presentations


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NASA's Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) made a strong presence at this year's American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 11-15, 2017. GMAO scientists gave a total of 12 talks and 15 poster presentations on topics ranging from Arctic ice to El Niño. Below are the presenters and titles of the presentations and posters given. Please visit to view the posters that were presented.

  • A. Chatterjee (610.1/USRA), D. S. Schimel, B. B. Stephens, D. Crisp, A. Eldering, M. R. Gunson, R. A. Feely, M. M. Gierach, R. F. Keeling, A. J. Sutton, and B. Weir (610.1/USRA), “The 2015-2016 El Niño and the response of the carbon cycle: Findings from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) mission”
  • Amin K. Dezfuli (610.1/SSAI), Charles M. Ichoku, George J. Huffman (610.1), and Karen Mohr “Precipitation characteristics in tropical Africa using satellite and insitu observations”
  • Andrea Molod (610.1), Yury V Vikhliaev (610.1/USRA), Eric C Hackert (610.1), Robin M Kovach (610.1/SSAI), Bin Zhao (610.1/SAIC), Richard I Cullather (610.1/UMD), Jelena Marshak (610.1), Anna Borovikov (610.1/SSAI), Zhao Li (610.1/SSAI), Donifan Barahona (610.1), Lauren C Andrews (610.1), Yehui Chang (610.1/Morgan St.), Siegfried D Schubert (610.1/SSAI), Randal D. Koster (610.1), Max Suarez (610.1/USRA), and Santha Akella (610.1/SSAI), “GEOS S2S-2_1: The GMAO new high resolution Seasonal Prediction System”
  • Anton Darmenov (610.1), Xiaohong Liu, Catherine Prigent “Assessment of the performance of state of the art dust emission scheme in GEOS”
  • Brad Weir (610.1/USRA), A. Chatterjee (610.1/USRA), L. E. Ott (610.1), and S. Pawson (610.1) “An 8-year, high-resolution reanalysis of atmospheric carbon dioxide mixing ratios based on OCO-2 and GOSAT-ACOS retrievals”
  • Christoph A. Keller (610.1/USRA), K. Emma Knowland (610.1/USRA), Jon Nielsen (610.1/SSAI), Bryan N Duncan, Melanie B Follette-Cook, Junhua Liu, Julie M Nicely, Clara Orbe (610.1/USRA), Lesley Ott (610.1), and Steven Pawson (610.1), “Air Pollution Forecasts using the NASA GEOS Model: A Unified Tool from Local to Global Scales”
  • Clara Orbe (610.1/USRA), Andrea Molod (610.1), and Darren W. Waugh “Tropospheric Mean Age Responses to Tropical Circulation Changes Using GEOS-5 Aquaplanet Simulation”
  • Donifan Barahona (610.1), “A Theory of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation in the Immersion Mode”
  • Emma Knowland (610.1/USRA), Lesley E. Ott (610.1), Bryan N Duncan, Krzysztof Wargan (610.1/SSAI), and Kevin Hodges “Stratospheric intrusion catalog: A 10-year compilation of events identified by using an objective feature tracking model with NASA’s MERRA-2 reanalysis”
  • Eunjee Lee (610.1/USRA), Randal Koster (610.1), Lesley Ott (610.1), Brad Weir (610.1/USRA), Sarith Mahanam (610.1/SSAI), Yehui Chang (610.1/Morgan St.), and Fanwei Zeng (610.1/SSAI), “Impact of a regional drought on terrestrial carbon fluxes and atmospheric carbon: results from a coupled carbon cycle model”
  • Haydee Salmun, Andrea Molod (610.1), and Allison Collow (610.1/USRA), “The Use of MERRA-2 Near Surface Meteorology to Understand the Behavior of Planetary Boundary Layer Heights Derived from Wind Profiler Data Over the US Great Plains”
  • Isaac Moradi (610.1/UMD), Frank Evans, William McCarty (610.1), Frank Marks, and Patrick Erickson “Assimilation of all-weather GMI and ATMS observations into HWRF”
  • Jana Kolassa (610.1/USRA), Rolf Reichle (610.1), Qing Liu (610.1/SSAI), Pierre Gentine, and Hamed Alemohammad “Effective assimilation of SMAP observations using statistical techniques”
  • K. Wargan (610.1/SSAI), N. Kramarova, E. Remsberg, L. Coy (610.1/SSAI), L. Harvey, N. Livesey and S. Pawson (610.1), “From LIMS to OMPS-LP: limb ozone observations for future reanalyses”
  • Karla Longo (610.1/USRA) and Arlindo da Silva (610.1) “GEOS-5 during ORACLES and a posteriori mini-reanalysis”
  • Larry Coy (610.1/SSAI), Mark R. Schoeberl, Steven Pawson (610.1), Salvatore Candido, and Robert W. Carver “Global assimilation of X Project Loon stratospheric balloon observations”
  • Lauren C. Andrews (610.1), Christine F. Dow, Kristin Poinar and Sophie M. Nowick “Subglacial hydrologic efficiency modified by the temporal pattern of high-elevation meltwater input”
  • Lesley Ott (610.1), Piers Sellers, Abhishek Chatterjee (610.1/USRA), Stephan R. Kawa, Brad Weir (610.1/USRA), Steven Pawson (610.1), Dave Schimel, Berrien Moore III, Sean Crowell, Chris O'Dell, Andrew Schuh, and David Baker “NASA's Carbon Cycle OSSE Initiative - Informing future space-based observing strategies through advanced modeling and data assimilation”
  • Manuela Girotto (610.1/USRA), Rolf H Reichle (610.1), Gabrielle De Lannoy and Matthew Rodell “Joint assimilation of SMOS brightness temperature and GRACE terrestrial water storage observations for improved soil moisture estimation”
  • Michael Bosilovich (610.1) and Pete Robinson “El NIño-Induced Tropical Oceanland Energy Exchange in MERRA-2 and M2AMIP”
  • Nathan Arnold (610.1) and Donifan Barahona (610.1) “Improved intraseasonal variability in the NASA GEOS AGCM with 2-moment microphysics and a shallow cumulus parameterization”
  • Nikki Prive (610.1/Morgan State), Isaac Moradi (610.1/UMD), Will McCarty (610.1), Ronald M Errico (610.1/USRA), and Ron Gelaro (610.1), “The OSSE Framework at the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)“
  • Patricia Castellanos (610.1/USRA) and Arlindo da Silva (610.1), “The GEOS-5 Neural Network Retrieval for AOD”
  • Richard Cullather (610.1/UMD), Bin Zhao (610.1/SAIC), Christopher Shuman (615/UMBC), Sophie Nowicki (615) “Understanding Arctic surface temperature differences in reanalyses”
  • Saulo Freitas (610.1/USRA), Georg Grell, Andrea Molod (610.1) and Matthew Thompson (610.1/SSAI) “The Grell-Freitas Convection Parameterization: Recent Developments and Applications within the NASA GEOS Global Model”
  • Siegfried Schubert (610.1/SSAI), Hailan Wang, Yehui Chang (610.1/Morgan St.), Randal Koster (610.1), and Andrea Molod (610.1), “The North Pacific summer jet and climate extremes: mechanisms and model biases”
  • T. Oda (610.1/USRA), L. Ott (610.1), T. Lauvaux, S. Feng, R. Bun, M. Roma, D. F. Baker, and S. Pawson (610.1), “Assessing uncertainties in gridded emissions: A case study for fossil fuel carbon dioxide (FFCO2) emission data”
  • Thomas L Clune (610.1), Craig S Pelissier, Kwo-Sen Kuo, S. Joe Munchak, Ian S. Adams, “Imbedding T-Matrix Method for Axial Symmetric Hydrometeors with Extreme Aspect Ratios”
  • Young-Kwon Lim (610.1/USRA), Richard Cullather (610.1/UMD) and Sophie Nowicki “Inter-relationship between subtropical Pacific SST, Arctic sea ice concentration, and North Atlantic Oscillation in recent summer and winter”
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