GMAO at the GSFC Fall Fun Run


With the hint of fall in the air and temperatures in the upper 60s F, 5 October was a great day for the annual Fall Fun Run. This year GMAO had a great turn out of runners and walkers.

Photo: Fun Run in progress

The participants from GMAO consisted of Anna Borovikov, Abhishek Chatterjee, Tom Clune, Doug Collins, Allie Collow, Austin Conaty, Larry Coy, Richard Cullather, Manuela Girotto, Oscar Hendrick, Mahendra Karki, Jonathan Kelly, Jong Kim, Emma Knowland, Robin Kovach, Ruth LaBelle, Lelia Marbury, Jelena Marshk, Ann Melton, Dagmar Merkova (guest), Tomohiro Oda, Brent Smith, Mark Solomon, and King-Sheng Tai.

Photo: Group Shot of GMAO Participants

The GMAO group was definitely not a bunch of slowpokes. Manuela Girotto placed 8th among women and Robin Kovach placed 9th. Robin Kovach and Allie Collow placed 2nd in their age groups. Manuela Girotto and Jelena Marshak placed 3rd in their age groups. Larry Coy placed 4th in his age group. Dagmar Merkova placed 5th in her age group. Great job Team GMAO.

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