GEOS-5 Nature Run, Ganymed Release

Non-hydrostatic 7 km Global Mesoscale Simulation

Data Access

GEOS-5 7km Nature Run data can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • HTTP Web interface
  • Download Tool: A Web interface for variable selection and temporal/spatial subsetting providing output in a variety of formats (NetCDF-3/4, HDF-4, GRIB-1, binary, etc.)
  • OPeNDAP: access the G5NR data sets remotely without the need for transferring any data file first. You can open these datasets from a number of commonly used clients such as Matlab, IDL, GrADS or even from your C or Fortran program. Consult the OPeNDAP website for additional information.
  • At NCCS: If you have access to the NCCS computing facilities, the G5NR data files are available under:
    • css/g5nr/Ganymed/7km/c1440_NR/

For additional information on data formats and sample software consult the G5NR Data Access Guide.