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Updated March 2013

The GMAO has conducted a two-year-long high resolution simulation with GEOS-5, including aerosol transport by integrating GOCART with GEOS-5. Since the initial release of the "Paint by Particle" animation from this simulation in May of 2012 (Animation 1 in the main article), it and other results of this GEOS-5 simulation have appeared in several thousand news or science articles, blogs, and social network postings. The following are a handful of places where these animations have been featured or mentioned.


  • "Paint by Particle":
  • "Paint by Particle" on NASA Visualization Explorer
  • "NASA paints a compelling picture of Earth's aerosols" at Scientific American
  • "Today in wallpapers: A climate model spits out a beautiful image of global aerosols" at Popular Science
  • "Atmospheric Aerosols make cool wallpaper" at AGU Blogosphere
  • "Up in the air" in ScienceWorld
  • "Supercomputer portrait reveals Earth's swirling veil" at NewScientist
  • "'Paint by Particle' NASA atmosphere simulation illustrates global aerosol movement" at Huffington Post
  • "Incredible image that reveals dust, salt and smoke in the Earth's atmosphere—and supercomputer that made it could improve weather forecasting" at The Daily Mail
  • "NASA makes an animated global map of atmospheric aerosols" at Slate
  • "NASA paints the world" at The Weather Channel
  • "Science turns the Earth's atmosphere into art" at Mashable
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  • "NASA's beautiful climate makes you forget extreme weather is possible" at Gizmodo
  • "NASA sees Earth's skies as a motley swirl" at Bloomberg
  • "NASA portrait of global aerosols" at Earth Power News
  • "Image of the day: NASA Discover supercomputer shows Earth's volcanic and fossil fuel emission" at The Daily Galaxy
  • "NASA's Paint by Particle model shows a vibrant world in motion" at dvice
  • "Paint by Particle" at physics4me
  • "Paint by Particle: A beautiful climate model by NASA" at Visual News
  • "Portrait of global aerosols" on NASA Image of the Day

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