Third ROSES-23 Proposal Accepted for GMAO by Reasearch Team Led by Richard Cullather on Ice Sheet Data Assimilation


Cullather headshot
Richard Cullather

A third proposal from a GMAO member was recently accepted as part of the ROSES-23 MAP program. This research, led by Richard Cullather (pictured) is titled: "Toward ice sheet surface data assimilation: Employing satellite observations and machine learning to improve model representation of ice sheet surface melt”, Richard Cullather (PI, 610.1/UMD), Andreas Colliander (JPL), Jana Kolassa (610.1/SSAI), Lauren Andrews (610.1), Sophie Nowicki (U Buffalo)."

The following is a summary of the work, per the proposal: "Melt on glacial surfaces occurs when sufficient energy is available to initiate a phase change from ice or snow into liquid water. For the Greenland Ice Sheet, assessments have found that increased surface meltwater runoff has produced over half of the mass loss since 1992, and that the average surface melt area has expanded by 29 percent since 1985. The proposed work seeks to improve the representation of ice sheet meltwater in Earth system models and numerical reanalyses through the application of novel satellite-derived observations, advanced data assimilation methods, and machine learning techniques."

slide graphic from MPS
Figure 1: July 2017 meltwater amount from GEOS, in mm water-equivalent.