Planned Upgrade to GEOS-FPIT


GMAO is preparing to upgrade the “GEOS-FPIT” system that is used by numerous NASA Instrument Teams to provide ancillary meteorological information for their retrievals. On Thursday July 16, GMAO hosted a virtual meeting with about 45 people from 20 Instrument Teams to discuss plans and solicit input. That meeting led to plans for an upgraded system for instrument teams.

It is expected that products from this new system, named GEOS-IT, will be released to users in the second quarter of 2021, with test datasets available earlier. Like GEOS-FPIT, the new product will begin in 2000 and span NASA’s entire EOS Mission and beyond: products spanning the entire 2000-2021 period will be available in the middle of 2021 and products will continue to be released daily in the future.

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