FTP Access to GEOS FP data ends on March 20, 2019


GEOS FP data is distributed through the NCCS data portal. Some time ago, we announced the availability of HTTPS download from the portal. Due to IT security mandates from the federal government, FTP access will be discontinued this spring and HTTPS will be the primary means for downloading GEOS FP products. Users should begin to transition to using HTTPS access to this data prior to the March 20, 2019 cutoff date.

The HTTPS download location for GEOS FP data is:
The directory structure for the forecast and das directories is the same as on the FTP server.

Note that OPeNDAP access to GEOS FP is available via the GrADS server at NCCS. See https://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov/dods/GEOS-5/fp.

Technical questions regarding the use of the HTTPS server for downloading data can be addressed to support@nccs.nasa.gov.

More information about GEOS operational products can be found on the GMAO website:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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