MERRA-2 AMIP (M2AMIP) Dataset Released


To supplement the MERRA-2 dataset, a 10-member ensemble of GEOS model simulations has been performed. This ensemble was performed using the protocols established by the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP), with specified boundary conditions over the ocean and ice, but with an interactive land-surface model. Using the same configuration of the GEOS model as was used in MERRA-2, these free-running "M2AMIP" simulations experienced the same boundary conditions (sea-surface temperature, sea-ice concentrations, and aerosol/constituent emissions) as the reanalysis dataset. The simulations span the same period as MERRA-2, beginning in January 1980, and currently extends to the end of 2017. GMAO plans to extend the simulations as each calendar year comes to an end.

The M2AMIP dataset consists of monthly mean fields from each of the ten ensemble members. Additionally, high-frequency output is available for one simulation. More details on these simulations, along with links to the datasets and documentation, are available on the MERRA-2 AMIP project page.

The simulations were performed on the Discover computing environment at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) at NASA GSFC, where the available output datasets are also hosted via a data portal.

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