AMSR Unified Rainfall Team begins to use GEOS FP-IT


The list of GEOS Forward Processing for Instrument Teams (FP-IT) data users keeps expanding. The Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR) Unified Rainfall team is the latest to join the list. The team started to access the GEOS FP-IT data at GES DISC in October, 2016.

The AMSR Unified Rainfall algorithm (PI: Christian Kummerow) uses along-track radiance (L1R) data provided by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) for the AMSR-E (on EOS-Aqua) and AMSR2 (on GCOM-W) to generate a consistent precipitation record from the two satellites. The T2m, TCWV, snow cover, and sea ice coverage of the GEOS FP-IT are used by the retrieval algorithm as ancillary data. The MSFC SIPS ingest the GEOS FP-IT data from the GES DISC for their operational production of the AMSR Unified Rainfall product.

More information about all users of the GEOS FP-IT datasets can be found at the GMAO's NASA Mission Support page.

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