DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modelled On Non-hydrostatic Domains

frame from GEOS 1.5km simulationThe GMAO is a participant in the second phase of the DYAMOND initiative. The DYAMOND project is a framework for the intercomparison of an emerging class of atmospheric circulation models, that, through their resolution of the major modes of atmospheric heat transport, endeavor to represent the most important scales of the full three-dimensional fluid dynamics of the atmospheric circulation.

See Interactive Globe Visualizations: https://portal.nccs.nasa.gov/datashare/g6dev/WebGL/geos_dyamondv2.html

GMAO points of contact regarding the ROSES-2021 announcement A.45 DECADAL SURVEY INCUBATION PROGRAM: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Steven Pawson (steven.pawson-1@nasa.gov), William Putman (william.m.putman@nasa.gov) and Will McCarty (will.mccarty@nasa.gov).

For inquiries about the DYAMOND simulations, contact: William Putman.

Graphic describing overview of GEOS DYAMOND runs