Requests for GMAO Real-Time Support for NASA Suborbital campaigns

The GMAO provides real-time support to a number of NASA Suborbital campaigns each year. Forecasts and data assimilation products generated from the GEOS-5 real-time production system, as well as web-based visuals, are made available to the campaign. Typically, these products and tools are used for flight planning and on-site and post-mission analysis of the field measurements.

If you wish to request GMAO real-time support for your Suborbital campaign, please register your campaign by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. NASA Suborbital campaign name
  2. Brief overview of the campaign
  3. Requester's contact information
  4. Time period when support will be required
  5. URL of the campaign website
  6. Brief description of the real-time support requested in terms of GEOS-5 data products and any campaign-specific needs. (Additional details of GEOS-5 data products are available on the GMAO Products page.)

We ask that you submit your request as early as possible, but no later than 3 months prior to the start of the campaign.

GMAO's core funding allows us to support field missions using the regular GEOS-5 analysis and forecasts. It is also possible for GMAO to provide customized data collections and specialized visual products. GMAO generally needs time to evaluate whether such customized products are feasible and, if so, to test all product deliverables with the Suborbital campaign team. Such specialized support generally requires advanced planning, including the funding of GMAO staff through the mission campaign.

It should be noted that any GMAO support provided is on a best effort basis, as is any NCCS support required for product generation and delivery. We request that the campaigns provide feedback on the GMAO data quality and operational support. This feedback is critical to our ability to provide support to future Suborbital campaigns.

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