GEOS Composition Forecasts (GEOS-CF)


  • GEOS-CF Description - Keller, C. A., Knowland, K. E., Duncan, B. N., Liu, J., Anderson, D. C., Das, S., Lucchesi, R. A., Lundgren, E. W., Nicely, J. M., Nielsen, E., Ott, L. E., Saunders, E., Strode, S. A., Wales, P. A., Jacob. D. J., and Pawson, S. (2021). Description of the NASA GEOS composition forecast modeling system GEOS-CF v1.0. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 13, e2020MS002413.
  • GEOS-CF Stratospheric Composition - Knowland, K. E., C. A. Keller, P. A. Wales, K. Wargan, L. Coy, M. S. Johnson, J. Liu, R. A. Lucchesi, S. D. Eastham, E. Fleming, Q. Liang, T. Leblanc, N. J. Livesey, K. A. Walker, L. E. Ott, and S. Pawson. (2022). NASA GEOS Composition Forecast Modeling System GEOS‐CF v1.0: Stratospheric composition.. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 14 e2021MS002852.
  • File Specification for GEOS-CF (Version 1.3) - This document has a comprehensive list of datasets available, as well as description of the horizontal and vertical grids. See also Version 1.2, and Version 1.1, and Version 1.0.