Global Transport of Smoke from Australian Bushfires

NASA’s GEOS-FP data assimilation system captures the global distribution of aerosols. Different aerosol species are highlighted by color, including dust (orange), sea-salt (blue), nitrates (pink) and carbonaceous (red), with brighter regions corresponding to higher aerosol amounts. NASA's MODIS observations constrain regions with biomass burning as well as the aerosol optical depths in GEOS, capturing the prominent bushfires in Australia and transport of emitted aerosols well downstream over the South Pacific Ocean.

In this animation, the GEOS-FP aerosol distributions reveal several high impact events across the globe between August 2019 and January 2020. Weather events including Hurricane Dorian in Aug-Sep 2019 and many other tropical cyclones around the world, along with major fire events in South America and Indonesia in Aug-Sep 2019 and extreme wildfires in Australia in Dec-2019 to Jan-2020. Read More.