ProTeX Distribution (Version 2.0)

What is it?

ProTeX is a perl(1) script to produce a LaTeX compatible document from a GMAO (formerly DAO) Fortran source code with standard ProTeX prologues. For a more detailed description of ProTeX functionality, GMAO (DAO) Prologue and other conventions, consult:

Sawyer, W., and A. da Silva, 1997: ProTeX: A Sample Fortran 90 Source Code Documentation System. DAO Office Note 97-11.

File List

  • COPYRIGHT - Copyright text ("copyleft")
  • protex - the perl(1) script
  • doc - contains LaTeX and HTML versions of documentation
  • examples - contains numerous examples
  • RCS - contains RCS repository of earlier protex versions


  • ods.pdf - the ODS Library Documentation produced using ProTeX. The FORTRAN source code for this library is here.
  • sample.C - sample C++ routine
  • sample1.f - sample Fortran prologue (routine) using Style 1
  • sample1.h - sample Fortran prologue (include file) using Style 1
  • sample1.tex - output of
    perl protex sample1.f sample1.h > sample1.tex
  • template1.f - templates using Style 1

  • sample2.f - sample Fortran prologue (routine) using Style 2
  • sample2.h - sample Fortran prologue (include file) using Style 2
  • sample2.tex - output of
    perl protex sample2.f sample2.h > sample2.tex
  • template2.f - templates using Style 2
  • - template for a shell script prologue
  • template.C - template for a C++ routine

Installation and Use

The ProTex perl script can be downloaded from the ESMF repository. ProTeX requires perl v4.0 or beyond. In addition, you will need LaTeX (2e is certainly OK) and latex2html if you would like to create HTML documentation. Make sure that the "protex" perl script is executable. Running it as indicated in the documentation should generate a TeX file. You can take it from there.


Arlindo da Silva wrote the first version of ProTeX. Will Sawyer made some enhancements and is currently the maintainer of ProTeX.

Page authors: Arlindo da Silva and William Sawyer

Content last updated: 25 April 2005