GEOS Sub-seasonal / Seasonal Project


The NASA Scientific Visualization Studio and Goddard Media Studios provide amazing technology to create visualizations of the data we produce to help people understand the underlying phenomena. NASA published a special online feature for Earth Day “10 Things: Tech We Use to Study Earth” and one of the pieces was “Supercomputers for Science” showing a visualization of the 2015-2016 El Niño, made possible by combining data from NASA spacecraft and the computing power able to process vast amounts of data.

Here are stories and visualization projects that have been published by combining GMAO and NASA data, science and computing capabilities:

Team members are involved in collaborative efforts and a key part of our work involves communicating what we do with other scientists, students and interns inside and outside of our work environment. Interested public attend the yearly NASA Science Jamboree to show highlights of work through slide shows, animations, posters, and flyers. To share research to the public, we release “Science Snapshots” online. Examples are: