Data Access

The MERRA-Land data are available online through the MDISC, alongside MERRA data, as hourly averages of land surface fields at a horizontal resolution of 2/3° longitude by 1/2° latitude from 1 January 1980 onwards. Daily and monthly averages are also available through MDISC sub-setting tools.

The MERRA-Land "mld" collection is designed to include all fields that are present in the standard MERRA "lnd" collection and a few additional fields of interest for land surface research and applications, notably: (i) the 6-layer soil temperature profile; (ii) the gridded land surface temperature, and (iii) the gridded soil moisture in volumetric units (m3 m-3) as well as in dimensionless units of degree of saturation (or wetness), including the total profile soil moisture. In addition, a single file with land surface constants is provided at the "native" grid resolution.

Additional information can be found in the MERRA-Land documentation.

Please acknowledge use of MERRA-Land data as outlined here.