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DISCOVER-AQ 2014 Campaign GEOS-5 Forecasting Support


DISCOVER-AQ (Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality) is a four-year campaign to improve the use of satellites to monitor air quality for public health and environmental benefit.

This field campaign will provide systematic and concurrent observations of column-integrated, surface, and vertically-resolved distributions of aerosols and trace gases relevant to air quality as they evolve throughout the day. This will be accomplished with a combination of two NASA airborne platforms (sampling in coordination with re-locatable and fixed surface networks. Through these targeted airborne and ground-based observations, DISCOVER-AQ will enable more effective use of current and future satellites to diagnose ground level conditions influencing air quality.

DISCOVER-AQ will deploy for flights over Colorado in Summer 2014.
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Supporting Forecasts and Data

IMPORTANT: Please note that these predictions are experimental and are produced for research purposes only. Use of these forecasts for purposes other than research is not recommended.