MERRA is a NASA reanalysis for the satellite era using a major new version of the Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation System Version 5 (GEOS-5). The Project focuses on historical analyses of the hydrological cycle on a broad range of weather and climate time scales and places the NASA EOS suite of observations in a climate context.
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Accessing MERRA

MERRA data are available at the Modeling and AssimilationData and Information Services Center (MDISC), managed by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC).

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MERRA Contacts

Should you still have questions regarding MERRA data or accessibility after reading through the information here and at the MDISC site, please send email to:

News and Status

• ICR4 Conference Report Available •

The Report of the 4th International Conference on Reanalyses is available from the World Climate Research Programme at

• Two new products added to GMAO's extensive suite of MERRA data •

A new ocean surface diagnostics product and a new land surface diagnostics product have been added to the suite of MERRA data available through the GES DISC. Read more about these new data products.

• MERRA File Specification now available •

The MERRA File Specification, version 2.3, and the latest GEOS5 Glossary are now available on the MERRA File Specification Documentation page.

• J. Climate MERRA Special Collection •

Many papers have now been published in the MERRA Special Collection in the AMS Journal of Climate. Others still under review are available on the MERRA publications page.

• MERRA Atlas now available •

The initial version of the interactive MERRA Atlas is now available online. Please note that the Atlas is still evolving. User comments are invited.

» Go to the MERRA Atlas

• MERRA in High Latitudes •thumbnail of graphic from paper

Two papers in Journal of Climate special issue evaluate the climate of high latitudes in MERRA including poleward energy transport.

» Read more


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